October 31, 2010

Halloween...a perfect excuse for some Tim Burton

I really love Halloween. It's such a fun holiday in our little neighborhood. We ride around in the Ranger with a trailer attached and hand out candy to the neighborhood kids. And take the littles here trick-or-treating too.

But I also love that this time of year is a great excuse to have a Tim Burton marathon. So many great choices....

This year, I caught part of Corpse Bride.

I am just blown away by the animation.

So many details that I catch each time I watch it.

And every character is so distinct.

I'm always in awe of how long it takes to do stop motion.

And how is just doesn't even compare to anything else.

I still need to watch this one.

The trees. I stare at all the crazy shaped trees every time.

And the beautiful costumes.

And the lighting and mist.

Oh, my. So delightfully creepy in a good way.

Over and over I wish that I could adequately get things on paper and on screen as they look in my head. Tim Burton is one of the best at that. He's amazing.

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