October 05, 2010

really thinking

What I'm really thinking right now:

It's 10:41 and I still have to do my Beth Moore homework for today. Late night bedtime.

Pondering the Oprah/J.K. Rowling interview episode. It was highly inspiring. Wow.

I really want another dance party. Saturday was so fun.

Camp is hard right now. So, so busy, and has been for months.

I get to see my college roomies/dearest friends next week. Both of them at the same time.

Orphans in China. Truth be told, they are pretty much on my mind all the time.

Heat. Ours is broken, and it's going to be in the 40's tonight.

I truly hate, with all my being, the cold.

Sleep...it's time to say goodnight.

1 comment:

bedbyday said...

love that dress. Have to make one.