December 29, 2005

2005 review

2005 fun memories...

Having friends over constantly. (if only I had a guest room for them to enjoy)

Seeing the sunset over the river (it never gets old)

Laughter (there is nothing better in life that laughing with friends. you know the kind where you laugh so hard that you can't breathe and you just can't stop!)

The sound of children having fun and laughing, the slashes in the pool, the loud voices over the megaphone, the boat pulling away from the floating pier with a banana boat full of the screams of delighted kids (the property feels so lost and empty once the kids leave)

Re-reading my journal throughout the year to see how I've changed and the answers to my prayers.

Listening to music in my car. (sometimes it's the best release ever. makes me feel like I should be on Broadway when I sing along in the confines of my little car)

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