December 12, 2005

Things I don't like...

Since I've posted things I do like, here's a list of the opposite. In no order of reason...

Cold weather ( I miss my flip-flops and tank tops and it's only the beginning of winter here. Arggg.)

Reconciling myself to the fact that my college professors where right when they said "you may have to use graphic design in the future even though your major is video" (to which my response was always "heck, no! I hate design!!" Double arggg.)

Favorite TV shows becoming a mere shadow of their former glorious selves (see Alias and West Wing. Are they even the same shows? It's not really Alias without Vaughn, everyone knows that.)

Small talk with people I don't know (I'm in awe of people who can do this. It's like a superpower or something.)

My own clothes (not all the time, but definately today)

When people read the end of the book before they finish (it drives me insane, especially when they tell me about it. or ruin a movie by giving away the twist. There should be a special place of punishment for these ruiners.)

Being asked "So when are you getting married? You aren't getting any younger you know" (Oh, right, I forgot about that whole area of my life. Really should be working on that, shouldn't I? (sarcastic undertones heavily implied))

Living far from my friends (college dorm life did have it's advantages. Best friends a step across the hallway at anytime)

Not being able to write in words what my brain is thinking and how I'm feeling

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