December 27, 2005

A day in the life of Jack Bauer

About 3 years ago, we started a new tradition for the week after Christmas. It has become one of my will see why...
Every year for Christmas, someone seems to get at least one movie. They are such fun and easy gifts to give. So, every year, we end up watching at least one or more movies throughout the lazy week between Christmas and New Years.
About 3 years ago, I decided to try the show Alias after seeing a few epidsodes here and there. I went to Blockbuster and rented the first 2 seasons, 2 discs at a time. We, my brother, mom, dad (for some reason, I don't remember my sister being there. She is the normal one among us with an actual life outside the house during the Christmas/New Years' week), and I sat and watched 2 whole seasons in just a few short days. The next year, we tried another show (I think it was 24, but I wasn't intrigued at the time) and got up to date on Star Wars behind the scenes since it had just come out on DVD.
This year, it's a sci fi spectacular. My brother got 24 season two. My dad got Firefly. Both have almost constantly been on out TV for the last 2-3 days. It's really ridiculous. My dad said today as we sat down for lunch (in front of the TV of course to continue the viewing and save time while eating as well) that the episodes are like chips. We can't just eat one. We sit down to watch one episode and 3 hours later we are sitting there realizing that it's now almost time for dinner.
At least now I know my TV addiction is hereditary....isn't that an excuse?

For the record...I'm enjoying 24 even though I can't stand the actor who plays the president (most annoying man ever to have no emotion) and the story lines are crazy (so now the woman who killed Jack's wife is getting immunity for everything she's done and has survived a plane crash and can talk to the President any time she demands it) but it does keep me watching. Season one I gave up after 5 episodes. I'm told if you hang on, you will love it. Okay, Keifer, make me a believer....

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