December 07, 2005

Give this Christmas

We are so blessed in this country. Most of us have an abundance of "things." We have more than we need and yet there are so many without. Here are 2 organizations that I believe in and support throughout the year. Check out their websites to see what they are all about. Remember all the children in the world who still need so much.

Shaohannah's Hope was begun by my favorite recording artist. He has adopted 3 little girls from China. This organization is a way to support families who want to adopt, but don't have the funds. It's Christian based and I have loved seeing God use families in the US to change little kid's lives in other countries. It's a great thing to be involved with if you have a heart for adoption (which I greatly do!)
I've been involved with Compassion for a couple years now. The way the organization is set up: you can choose a child to sponsor. You send in $ every month (this goes to help with food, clothes and schooling for your child) and you get pictures and letters from your child. You can see how they grow and change through the years. This has been one of the greatest blessings in my life. My little girl lives in Indonesia, but you can pick from dozens of countries. This is also a Christian organization. I've loved watching her grow and change in each letter and photo.

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