December 02, 2005

Finally over jetlag

I think I had jet lag worse when I came home. All in all it wasn't terrible though. I'm just still so glad that I never got it while I was over there. Now, I just wake up early every morning, which is kinda nice cause I'm a morning person anyway.
Yes, I still miss it over there. Shannon called yesterday to say hi and I loved that I could picture in my head where she was while she was talking to me. I love that I can't stop looking at my pictures and wishing that I was back in Paris. I love that I will forever have the memories of that trip. I've always thought that our memories were one of the best gifts that God ever gave us. Imagine not being able to remember all the great things that happened in your life. That would be devastating to me!
Everyone keeps asking me what my favorite part of the trip was. (mostly because no one except a few dear friends have time for the long drawn out recap. Bless my roommate for wanting to hear everything! She's a dear!) I usually say Paris. And when I look back at my pictures, I see how true it is. There was something in that city that I just fell in love with. It's true what people say about how romantic Paris is. Much of it is just because of the city itself. I've never been anywhere like it. Nothing else really compared to the feeling of that city. So that was my favorite part, I guess. But it feels like I'm leaving so many things out when I say that. I loved each country for it's own special, peculiar things. That's what makes that part of the world so unique, I suppose. Every country, even though they are as close as the states in the US, is so different. I've never experienced that before and I just loved it!
I'm ready to go back in the spring and walk around Paris and London without being bundled up like Randy on A Christmas Story! Which, by the way, is on the schedule of movies to watch in the next few days. That along with the 35 shows that I missed while being gone from prime time television for over 2 weeks. It really is pathetic. But it's so fun to watch now. What if I had missed seeing the raft crew being reunited with the rest of the survivers on LOST! Or seeing Rory and Loreli finally bury the hatchet. Like I said, love TV to the point of being a total loser....must work on that in the New Year.....
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