December 14, 2005


I've been debating whether to post or not because nothing all that adventurous has happened lately. After posts about London and the Eiffel Tower, writing that I went Christmas shopping at Sam's club last night just seems rather pathetic.
So, I've been trying to think of a fun spin on my life. How do I write down my day to day events without making them seem as stupid and silly as they really are? These are the reasons that I think that writers, truly good writers are among the most talented minds in our world. I read a blog from a lady who just seems to have this really fun life. There isn't anything really that over-adventurous about her day to day life, but she they way she writes, it's just so much fun to read. She writes about what she's feeling that day and doesn't apologize for it either. Love it.
So what do I feel like today? I'm excited to pick up my Christmas cards that I made and mail them out to friends. I'm excited to watch Alias tonight cause Micheal Vartan is going to be on it. I read a really great passage of scripture last night in Romans that been rolling around in my head all day conviciting me of stuff in my mind and heart lately. Love that. Knitting is on the agenda tonight as well. This is my new craft for the winter. I'm slowly improving.
There you go. See, not so exciting, but then again, it's my life. Some days are the Eiffel Tower at sunset. Some are Sam's club at Christmas. Now that sounds like the title of a book.....hmm...
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