December 20, 2005

my black and whites

Before I left for Europe, I was having problems trying to decide what shoes to take with me. They had to be comfortable to walk in cause that was my #1 means of transportation. I carefully evaluated each pair of shoes that I owned and tried to pick one to no avail. I have lots of shoes, but none that I felt could withstand the beating I was about to give them. Plus, all my travel books said that "to stand out as a tourist, locals need only to look at your shoes." They rarely if ever wear tennis shoes out and about.
I was caught at a cross roads of fashion and comfort. I shopped, somewhat half heartedly, hoping to find something to fit the bill. I found a pair of shoes a TJMAXXXX (oh, how I love you) for an unbelievable deal. Almost half off the regular price (oh, how I love a good bargin even more). I packed them away in my suitcase complete with a set of $2.99 WalMart insoles just for fun.
These black and whites became my favorite shoe after just one wearing. They were literally like slippers. I took them off only to go to bed. I wore them with everything and threw fashion to the wind because they were so comfy. We were a match made in discount store heaven.

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