August 26, 2006

Back with picutres from AK

Finally victory over the computer problems! I love people who understand all that computer stuff cause I sure don't! Now, back to the Alaska recap.
These are from the Butte. It looks kinda like Edoras the little city on the small hill surrounded by the mountains on Lord of the Rings. It's this big hill (what we would call a mountain on the east coast) that is surrounded by a glacier, HUGE snow capped mountains and Pioneer Peak. We did a short little hike up. The kids loved it, as you can tell from the picture. I could not believe the view that was waiting for me at the top.

This was just the first thing I saw. There was so much more of Alaska to see after this one little spot. And as you can see, the clouds were doing their best to ruin the view. It was really WINDY and chilly at the top, but so worth that amazing view.
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stephanie said...

my mom and i hiked up there today with the kids. it was warm and mostly clear. i wished you could have been there- but the pics you got look great anyway! wait till i send you the pics i took on matanuska peak (remember the one i said i was hiking up with my dad?) it was a once in a lifetime experience- except actually i can do it anytime i want- it's in the front yard!!!!!!!!!!!! miss you!