August 18, 2006

The great wilderness

It's like a storybook in Alaska. The mountains are spectacular. The glaciers are blue and magical. The rivers are ice cold. The towns are small with a post office and a few shops. The streets are two lanes and are sometimes dirt. I don't know what I expected coming here. All I know is that I love it.
It has been so amazing to see my friend and to sit and chat with her. That was our "thing" in college. Chatting for hours on end. It's so good to do that again face to face instead of email to email. I have LOVED playing with her boys and making them laugh and smile and have fun.
Now, the weather is the only reason thing that hasn't played nice with me. It has been rainy and cloudy every day. Oh and in the 50's too. Quite a shock from 100 at home, but I am not complaining! But inspite of the weather, we have had a grand time. Driving around, seeing the sights, hiking and hiking. Love it here. Must come back. To all of you that tried to tell me how beautiful it was here (mom and dad) I apologize for not understanding. You are correct, but I don't think I could believe it until I saw it!

Here's a couple shots I swiped (from your computer, Steph! Hope you don't mind, but they were so cute!). Enjoy everyone. I promise to post more when I get home. I have a ridiculous amount to go through as usual.

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Audrey said...

Ok, I just want to cry I miss you both so much!!!! I hope you are both having a wonderful time!!!