August 31, 2006

What? I get free time?

After 8 weeks of summer camp, I forgot what it was like to have a life. Well, a life outside of my job at least. The last 2 nights have felt like a vacation. I finish up at the office at 5:00 and actually get to leave. I have the rest of the evening to do whatever I want. Read, watch TV (which shockingly I haven't done a huge amount of since my "stories" don't start for another couple of weeks.), knit, scrap, take a nap, visit friends, shop, talk on the phone to long lost friends, clean my house, write a book, jump on a trampoline, ride a bike, weed my flower bed. (man this is an exciting life isn't it. I'm bored just reading it!) Now I know these things sound totally boring to all of you, but I haven't gotten to do many of them for about 3 months now. Amazing how you miss things so common when you don't have it. Things like....

Watching Project Runway. Before you mock my TV choice, have you watched it? I made fun of it too until I actually watched it. I love learning more about fashion. Never really thought I did until I realized that In Style is the only magazine to which I choose to subscribe year after year. It's crazy that these people can think up clothes in their head and make them. I think it's like a super power or something. Maybe cause I absolutely CANNOT. I'm a fashion stealer from other people. My favorite designer is Michael Knight. First of all, as a previous Knight Ridder addict, I love that name. Second, his stuff is amazing. He's my vote for the big winner. If you have never seen PR, grab the remote and find the next marathon. It's fun, fun.

Making a new card. Will post the picture after I get it to the intended receipient. It's my favorite of all that I have ever made. Cool envelope included.

Finding awesome deals while shopping. Nothing better.

Sitting in Sam's Club eating a $1 slice of pizza and drinking a $.60 bottle of water while reading a magazine for an hour waiting for pictures to be developed. It was such a nice hour that I didn't even get mad when they told me that they wouldn't be ready until the next morning. I had so enjoyed that free time that I was a happy girl no matter what.

Sitting and talking with friends that I didn't get to see at all during the summer because of my crazy schedule. Loved that!

Going to bed before midnight just because I could.

What little things have you done lately that have made you happy?

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