August 29, 2006

Emmy fashions

Inspired by the 5 hours of the Emmy's I was watching on Sunday (when I watch the Emmy's or the Oscars, I'm in for the entire night. 2 hours of entries. Judging of best and worst dressed. I-love-it. Then the actual awards, too.)), I decided to knit a hat. So amidst the screams of "KEIFER!" and "please, pick Scrubs so I can see Zach Braff all dressed up" my fingers were furiously working. It's a quick, easy pattern that a friend of mine made up. Took me about 3 hours and I'm a slow, new knitter too. I finished just in time to watch the 24 crew take the stage and make me scream (quietly cause my roommate was sleeping) a triumphant "Oh, yeah!"
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