August 03, 2006

Stick figure lessons

In crafts this week, we are doing sand art. I got sand from our beach and colored it with paint and water. Then the kids draw pictures and use glue and the sand to create a "masterpiece" (because saying masterpiece sounds so much cooler than "a picture"). Today, I had one of my favorite groups from daycamp. They are boys and girls ages 8-10 years old. One of my all time favorite campers is in this group. Dakota. This is his picture.

Here are some snippets of conversations that we had today.

Dakota: "I'm into stick figures. I'm really good at it. And sketching too."
Me: That's really neat.
Dakota: "Yeah. This girl, Ashley, at my school wanted to buy my art cause it was so good."

Me: "Are you enjoying doing sand art? Your picture is really good."
Dakota: "I'm, like, really good at this."

Dakota: "Hey, you want me to teach you how to draw a stick figure?"
Me: "Yes, please!"
Dakota: "Okay. What do you want? Animal, person, or plant?"
Me: "Person"
Dakota: "Boy or girl?"
Me: "girl"
Dakota: "stick legs or people legs?"
Me: "stick"
Dakota: "big neck or short neck or no neck"
Me: "big neck"
This went on for each thing he drew. Then we went on to an animal. A dog. With long ears and long hair and stick legs. Then he threw a plant in just for fun. Here was the final masterpiece.

I cannot get enough of this kid. He makes me laugh everytime I come in contact with him. He's cute as can be too. Sometimes my job is the best.

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