August 01, 2006

Facts by way of bullets

My mind has been swimming lately with tons of thoughts. Things that I would love to blog about but since I have no free time, I forget. So, I shall do my best and use the popular "bullet" method to catch up on my lack of time.

  • My fingers are purple today. I've been mixing paint and sand by hand for a couple days. Then we had cherries for lunch. They were juicy and yummy and full of purply goodness.
  • I have about 15 mosquito bites on just one leg.
  • Stepping outside is like walking into an inferno. It's 100 degrees here today and today is supposed to be hotter. The sun rays almost hurt they are so hot.
  • My sister has safely relocated. I have barely had 2 seconds to call her in the last 3 days. I miss her big time.
  • Highlight of the weekend: I got to read bedtime stories to 2 little girls that were staying over at our house for the night. I was reading Shel Silverstein's Falling Up, a personal favorite. One of them fell asleep as I was reading. It was magical. I love reading stories to kids maybe cause my mom always did that for us. There is nothing like it.
  • I'm dreading the end of camp next week. How in the world has 8 weeks gone by so fast?
  • Driving the boats again. Last night, Skippy and I were saying that it's the perfect end to a workday. Hearing kids laughing and screaming in delight.
  • My roomie and I are having a huge party tonight. The annual Cottage Smoothie Night. Each year we pick a theme (this year is Holiday Inn. come dressed as your favorite Holiday) and tell everyone to dress up and come and enjoy a frosty, fruity smoothie. Good times. 80 people crammed in our little cottage. There will be pictures to prove it. I love how creative our summer staff is.
  • I've been dreaming about people whose blogs I read. Weird!
  • I bought another plane ticket. It's to a place I've always wanted to go. More to come....
  • I LOVE this picture that I took when I was doing garage door photos with my sis. The light was just amazing. Love that I'm wearing the anklet that we made in crafts 2 weeks ago and my Dennis the Menace flip flops. (and I do get laughed at because of said shoes. that is until the laugh-er tries them on and realizes they are the most comfy shoes ever. and then I tell them they are from the dollar store. Priceless)

There you go. My life in snippets.....

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