August 24, 2006

it's official

This past weekend I went to Barnes and Noble to waste some time. My choice of reading was in the magazine section this particular day. As I walked to the big, well lit shelves full of magazines, my eyes saw this magazine and I gasped. Yes, I did, out loud for everyone to hear.
I walked (okay, I practically ran not paying any attention to the people surrounding me or the book club that was gathering) and snatched the said magazine off the shelf and clutched it to my chest as I darted for the closest empty bench. I flipped to the correct page and began reading. I had this ridiculous smile plastered across my face as I soaked up every word. The article was so exciting that I almost ran through the store to try and find my brother to share the excitement. But I couldn't stop reading. Finally, he appeared. I held up the cover for him to see. His reaction ("WHERE IS THAT?! MUST READ NOW") made me feel a little bit better about how I had reacted. We both sat there pointing to this sentence and that photo. When I finally finished the article and put it back all I could do was laugh at myself.

It's official. I am a sci fi geek.....and I love every minute of it.

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