February 09, 2007

4 states away...

is just too far. Oh, my gosh! I love this kid!

Had to go back home today. Yes, I know it had been a whole week and work was calling, but man-o-man was it hard to walk out that door and give that little cheek one last kiss. I keep smelling my clothes hoping I can smell his baby smell. And hugging my sister goodbye was super hard this time (don't cry sissy-poo!). She has just become the most amazing mom since the very moment Luke was born. And not to ignore my brother-in-law (or Darth Vader as the kids call him)...he's pretty darn amazing too.
Seriously...babies are magic and any person that they touch seems to catch some of it.


Katie's Story said...

We miss you too. Poor Rome has been moping around. I gave Luke a kiss for you and he gave me his little half smile. Last night was his first bath, so we'll have to post pictures of that soon. Come back to visit soon!

Anonymous said...

We miss you, too, Auntie A! It's not the same without you here to fight over holding him. He is more precious than words can convey. I can't think about leaving next week. I'll cry all the way home... M