February 01, 2007

Don't know why...

but I adore this picture.
It's from the cruise in September. The fun story behind this photo. I got majorly seasick this night. It was fancy dress up night for dinner. When the bro and I sat down at the table with our fam and 2 other couples (don't you just love meeting your new "tablemates" on a cruise.) they looked at us and kinda stared for a second before saying, "well, you look a lot different!" (in a good way, of course. We aren't the dress-up type.) Then as dinner was served seasickness won and I had to leave the table. My brother was quite the gentleman and took me back to the cabin where I happily popped some medicine and then we went back out to enjoy the evening. We ended up going to all the stupid little photography set-ups that the ship sets up for you to have your pictures taken when you are dressed all fancy. We, on the other hand, took stupid pictures. Those (example...the bro with his eyes crossed and me smiling overly happy) were hanging up with all the other serious couples who were smiling their best.
This picture now hangs in my room and I still smile at it a couple times a day. I just love how dumb we both look.

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Katie's Story said...

I think I remember what picture you're talking about, but you can't see it on the blog. Just thought I'd let you know. I'm sure you were both adorable!!