February 06, 2007

How cold?

Still alive and kickin' on the frozen tundra. It has seriously been colder than cold here. The day Luke came home, it never reached above 7 or 8 degrees and it was windy which made it feel like -10. The past few days have been fridgid. I know I complain about it being cold at home, but nothing compares to this!

Luke is getting better and better each day (and yes, Steph, we called him Lukey from the first moment too! I think of you each time I say it.) He's such a sweet baby. He doesn't mind that we cover him in a million kisses every day and just stare at him for hours on end. We are just smitten! And I can't even begin to articulate how incredibly excited I am that he and his mommy and daddy with be with me all summer. That will make leaving on Friday so much easier.

Thanks everyone for the comments! Each one is so special.


Anonymous said...

Luke is adorable and what great pictures. I wonder who made him those hats! Tell your mom that Kennedy loves his blanky.
Love you Aunt Apey!

stephanie said...

this child gets more and more beautiful (aka: handsome) with each passing day!!!!!!! my goodness...!!! i have never been one to think other peoples kids were super great...but he just looks like a baby should look :) i'm glad you are having fun with him- and i'm SUPER GLAD he is a "lukey". it's such a great name :) i think mine will be lukey when he's 40! :) and he has some very attractive hats! did auntie april make any of those? i'd love the pattern for the blue one! :)