February 24, 2007

Warning...girly movie alert...

Thank you, Jane Austen.....
For these two amazing stories....I watched them one right after the other tonight with a friend who had never seen them before (shocking, yes, I know!)

This one is my all time favorite. I think I know it by heart now, but still can't stop watching. It was when I fell in love with Kate Winslet's characters. Her Marianne performance in this is probably my favorite of hers, but then again it's tough to choose out of so many Oscar worthy ones.

And this one...just lovely. It doesn't get old either. It's still "new" to me since I haven't memorized it yet. We (my 2 gal pals who watched it with me tonight) were commenting on how Mr. Darcy becomes more adorable as the movie goes on. By the end, you just love him to pieces. Just talking about it makes me want to watch it again right now!

And yes, to all you English majors out there, I read Sense and am in the process of reading Pride. I never read either in high school. Pity! I am terribly behind in the normal classics that most kids read in high school. Been trying to rectify that in the last few years. These 2 books have quickly become some of my new favorites.

And this one has always been one of my all time favorite movies. Gwyneth is perfect. And if you don't just fall in love with Mr. Knightly...well, shame, shame on you!

Such great flicks. Great night of laying on the couch watching movies with the old English language and yummy British accents. Great, great, great.... My hat's off to you, Jane.

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