February 17, 2007


Here's some stuff that I've made lately. There's more, but I've been bad about taking pictures of everything.

A birthday card for a friend

My playing card art journal. I am loving this project. Find out more about it here.

Another card in the journal.

Finally, this is not my creation, but I am so enjoying using it while I'm using the paper and glue. It's a fantastic-o CD. Listen here.

This week has been a crazy one. We've had some nasty weather here in the Mid-Atlantic. Ice storms. Yuck, yuck. Power out. FREEZING COLD. My little cottage is cold when the heat is on (no insulation) and with no heat...let's just say I spent the day on my couch covered in 5 blankets reading Harry Potter #6. Dinner was grilled cheese and tomato soup cooked over a camping stove by a friend. Fun memories, but not so much fun to actually live through. Please, please come soon Spring! I'm really ready to be done with the cold weather!

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