February 19, 2007


Have had these pictures sitting on top of my computer monitor for a couple days. Crazy how little we were.

This picture is so awsome! #1 I look like I have really long legs and am probably really tall (wouldn't that be nice!) #2 We used to have ice cream cones every night after dinner in the summertime. They had a name on them, so we would call each other that name until the cone was gone. Plus, we were allowed to ride our big wheels and roller racers (how awesome were those!) out on the concrete carport while eating at the same time. #3 I love how little and cute my brother looks with his two big sisters.


stephanie said...

oh my goodness! you guys were the CUTEST kids EVER! i hate all my little kid pictures- i have a boy haircut until i was 10 because my mom didn't want to deal with my hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm so jealous now!

Katie's Story said...

Wow, that seems like forever ago! I love my hair in the 2nd picture- crazy and not brushed. Exactly how I remember. I can't believe how much Luke looks like T. I'll have to pull out baby pictures next time I'm home. Good O' Yogi! What great memories!