February 28, 2007

Totally rad find...

I haven't been taking pictures with my new photgraphic wonder very much. It's just not at all inspiring to look outside and see trees with no leaves and brown dead grass. But the other day, I couldn't take being stuck inside anymore and the day was warm (at least for February). Found a totally fun place to take a picture! I'm dying to take one of a family or a group of friends sitting on these benches. Decided to try one of myself to see how it looked. This picture turned out really bad (still figuring out all those manual settings..). So I messed with it some and this what I came up with. I used a new program that is FREE to all!
The wonderful,Tara Whitney, to whom I bow in regards to anything having to do with photos, posted a link to this site on her cool blog. Want to make those pictures look better with just few clicks? Head on over and play.
It's one of the best free sites for manipulating your pictures that I've ever used!

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