February 13, 2007

Happy Thoughts

Of course this little guy is #1 right now!

#2 This picture that I keep on my desktop. It makes me stop and dream about standing on that beach at least once a day.

#3 This CD. Heard about it here. You have to listen to "oh, it is love." Can't get enough of these fun songs right now.

#4 The Weasley's. Harry. Hermione. Snape. 2nd read is just is as good as the first. CANNOT WAIT FOR THE LAST BOOK!!!

#5 Layouts galore. Inspiration is brewing. Her style is addictive.

#6 Jack Bauer. 2 hours last night. Edge of your seat fun.

#7 Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and I'm not depressed about it. That's encouraging...

#8 Pictures in my hands and not on the screen. That's right. I printed out my photos!

#9 Tax returns...mmmm...here comes my new camera.....

#10 My little bloggity blog. It makes me so happy. And all of you that read it!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hey april. it's rob p.

thanks for the heads-up on hellogoodbye. i like their sound.

i'm at rob-p.net if you ever want to check it out. By the way...i'm crashing wabanna in week 8. watch out!

- rp