April 04, 2007


Yesterday was a nice warm day here in the Mid-Atlantic. Warm sunshine. Cool breeze off the water. After work, J and I took a bike ride to a new coffee shop around the corner. (this is a big deal here because we live on a peninsula that takes exactly 10 minutes to get off of in order to reach the rest of civilization. Yes, I've timed it.) It was a nice ride and the coffee shop is adorable. Yummy iced Earl Grey with a hint of sugar.
On our ride back, we were in our neighborhood when 3 little girls came riding by on their bikes. I smiled at each of them as they rode by. Their reaction? We hear one of the girls screamed "My bike is better than yours!!" Those were her exact words. Nice.... Insulted by a 3rd grader.


Katie's Story said...

Too funny! What a great neighborhood, huh? That's great there is a coffee house that's close. I can imagine we will be visiting that in the very near future! Can't wait!

stephanie said...

OH NO! well, look at it this way- they thought you were young enough to care about the bike competition. :) you didn't seem like an old lady to them- they saw you as just one of them...one of the girls...one with a not so cool bike :)