April 01, 2007

three things

Happily enjoying my time with the fam. It's actually warm here this time. Sun is out. Blue sky and puffy clouds.
Don't have my pictures uploaded yet. Surfin' the net while the munchkin is sleeping. These 3 things made me smile and got the creative juices flowin'.

This blog. Her stuff has always facinated me. She used to scrap and now has moved on to other things.

Elsie's new stuff on Etsy. And have I mentioned how addictive Etsy is? Never seen it? You must go!! I have gotten lost for hours just amazed at some of the things that people create.

A new post from Zach. I often dream that if we could only meet we would be friends. The boy makes me laugh. Hands down my favorite actor right now.

1 comment:

stephanie said...

zach braff seems like a nice guy. i loved his suggestion for a b-day present. very sweet. i'm sure you guys would be friends if you were to meet in real life :) he'd be lucky to have you as a friend :) i am!