April 08, 2007

What did you do today?

I enjoyed 5 hours of the Masters. Yes, I did. I LOVE, love, lovedy, love, love, love Masters weekend. I watch hours of it from the beginning on Thursday to the final shot on Sunday afternoon. My favorite sports tournament of the year. Love watching Tiger play. Love that Zach Johnson won. Love that he said it was even more special winning it on Easter because it was important day for his faith. Love that he said that he gave all the credit to his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Goosebumps and a big gulp. Another great Masters.


Audrey said...

You should come visit this summer. The womens US Open is where Brian works. He gets in for free...the only thing is he hates golf! LOL

stephanie said...

wow- i never pictured you for a golf fan! do you play? it's sorta fun to play but i haven't done it since i was a teenager.

i took jack to an egg hunt on saturday-got his hair cut-signed him up for summer soccer-and stopped at the library. then we played in the backyard (it was in the 40s!)

sunday we found easter treats in the house and then went to church. played in the yard all afternoon (it was 50!!!) great day. watched rocky balboa at night with matt (i love rocky:) )

now today it is sunny and 52 but with the sun feels even warmer!!!! YAY!!!!!! a HUGE sigh of RELIEF!!!!!! winter is finally over! we still have a few more piles of snow out there- but the kids and i will break them up this afternoon to help them melt- then we will pick up sticks and start cleaning up the yard!