April 29, 2007

stack of fun

My collection is outgrowing my shelf space. This little pile is stacking up beside the TV.

I went out and bought a used copy ($6.99...loved used movies!) of Marie Antionette the other night at Blockbuster. I just had to see the colors and dresses and hairstyles again.

And my copy of the Scrubs musical on VHS. I'm high tech, baby... Oh, and seasons 3 and 4.

Plus, Dennis the Menace with Walter Matthau. My brother and I quote this movie constantly. Walter is the PERFECT Mr. Wilson. I laugh out loud every time even though I've seen it about 100 times.

A little bit of Buffy season 3.

A Little Princess, one of my favorite children's movies.

Some Audrey Hepburn, cause I adore her.

One of my top 5, Master and Commander. All because of Paul Bettany's performance.

Everything is Illuminated which I started watching months ago and must finish.

And my current obsession. I can't get enough of Arrested Development.

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