April 10, 2007

Cherry tree, monuments and a cold

You know that part of The Empire Strikes Back when Han Solo (Harrison Ford, my first movie star crush) gets thrown into a room right after he and Leia were tortured. He says "I feel terrible" (in a way that only he can). Yeah, so that's how I feel right now. Yucky fever, stuffy nose, watery eyes. Lovely. I can't complain though because I have avoided sickness all the winter after everyone I know has been stricken. Here's hopin' I'm better tomorrow.
This picture is from my trip to see the cherry blossoms in the Nation's Capitol last week. I went with a group of friends and had a spectacular time. We just caught the end of the blossoms' splendor, but managed to get there before it snowed that night. Yes, snow on Friday night and 80 degrees the Monday before. Springtime on the East Coast. I took tons of photos and am playing with them a little before I post them.
Found a new favorite monument. It is absolutely beautiful. How have I never seen it? It's only about 10 years old. Waterfalls, statues, quotes carved in stone. My favorite, "This generation of Americans has a rendezvous with destiny" Surrounded by cherry trees. About 7 acres of pure tangible history. Took lots of photos. Am so ready to go back and soak it in some more. If you ever go to DC, take the walk around the tidal basin by the Jefferson and be sure to take a stroll through the FDR memorial.

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