April 15, 2007

The past few days

Here's what I've been up to:

  • getting healthy after a yucky cold
  • watching Lost
  • having a "The Office" party with a re-viewing of the Scrubs musical. I can now sing almost all the lines in all the songs and had to resist the urge to do it with a room full of people
  • getting hand made cards from friends
  • getting a brand spankin' new printer from my parents
  • making thank you notes
  • listening to podcasts of Battlestar Galactica (sooo good)
  • getting hooked on Arrested Development. (gone from casual viewer to obsessed. I've resorted to renting it from disk one/season one at Blockbuster)
  • was given this from my brother and parents. Total, glorious surprise.
  • watching the end of Pride and Prejudice...again. (yes, that's 3 times this week)
  • yard sales. 4 books for $1.
  • Expanding my grocery shopping to include Trader Joe's.
  • shopping on Etsy. Well, "window" shopping more than busying.
  • too much Flickr.
  • turning 30. Can't really wrap my brain around that yet.
Will be adding more pictures to Flickr soon.

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