April 08, 2007

home love

A few things around my house that make me happy...

This pot was a gem of a find at World Market, when my sister was living in Richmond. I can stare a the colors all day. All my favorite shades of my favorite color. And impulse buy and haven't regretted it one second.

The chalk board in the kitchen. It was created with chalkboard spray paint on an empty wall. Everyone leaves little messages when they come over. I've left these up for a while cause they make me happy.

The "bar." This used to be a big wall. The cut away now lets you see the water from the first moment you walk in the door. Plus I love this picture from Ikea.

The fridge covered with pictures of friends and family. A different one catches my eye each time I go by it.

I'm on a posting spree!! Blogger has been difficult for a few days and I've had tons of stuff to post. Enjoy....

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