April 28, 2007


I absolutely cannot wait until June 6th. Why? Well, that day begins yet another summer of fun, hot weather, boat driving, crafts, nephew snuggles, snack shop, laughing children and a million other sights and sounds.
I live for the summers, not because of vacations and pool time. Oh, no. The summer is the busiest time of my year. They are work, work, work. But when you love your job, somehow that work just seems too much fun to miss out on. I'm excited to be tired and hot and wet and sandy. I'm excited to hear the screams of delight from children outside of my windows. I'm excited to take pictures. I'm excited to have my family all around me EVERY DAY 24/7!!! I'm excited to go to chapel and hear 100 kids singing silly praise and worship songs. I'm excited to have those treasured moments with kids, explaining to them who God is. I'm excited to give hugs. I'm excited to see God move and work in my life. I'm excited to live in a community of people who come together for 10 weeks to be continually poured out before God in the hopes that even 1 child will come to know Jesus.
Yup, June 6th can't come fast enough.

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Katie's Story said...

That's right! It can't come fast enough. We're just as excited. Your nephew is ready for his Auntie snuggles.