August 01, 2009

Cottage Girl is...

already dreading the Friday goodbyes.
Especially with this (see above) one.
Tonight, I had a near meltdown as I thought about everyone that will most likely be having their last week at camp forever.
I have to stop.
The lump in my throat is getting worse by the minute!
It's Emotional-Basket-Case-Week around here.
Anyone else wanna join in?!!


Allison Drew said...

Girl, I understand. I understand.

RaCeQu said...

that is a BEAUTIFUL picture of you both! i'll have to show you a picture that i took at our residents "roaring 20's" happy hour a few weeks ago; it reminds me of this!

praying for y'all this week.

bedbyday said... gonna live...and congratulations on your tan!