August 21, 2009

blog updates

(Oh, Vancouver. I adore you)

Cottage Girl is bigger than ever. I finally figured out how to make my template bigger. Quite a chore to get it right. This means bigger pictures. Yes!!!!

I was feeling all music-eee tonight, so I decided to add a playlist to the right sidebar just for fun. It's totally random. Weird mix of songs I like. I'll change it every once in a while. Grooveshark is the best for music.

I'm still working on a few small things, but it's nice to clean house every once in a while. Get all those cobwebs out of the corners, you know? I'm feeling very inspired after watching way too much Project Runway last night. I just want create and decorate everything. If only I could make my own clothes. Oh, what a happy girl I would be....


Audrey said...

I have to say a couple of years ago ... thanks to one of your post I have been loving Project Runway! So happy so see it back on last night! :)

cottage girl said...

So glad to share the love, Audrey! It's one of the only reality TV shows I watch. And LOVE.