August 17, 2009

teach yourself

(granny square by Rachel via the RVA blog)

I've learned almost all of my crafty skills by teaching myself. One big exception is crocheting. My mom taught me when I was, oh, I don't know, maybe 13 or 14.

The last 2 nights I've been brushing off my skills and teaching myself to do granny squares. It's only taken a few tries, and now I think I've got it. It's so very easy and almost soothing.

Never been really big into the aesthetics of the granny square, but I've been scouring Flickr and craft blogs and have found a few patterns and color combos that have changed my mind. We'll see where it takes me.


bedbyday said...

Is crocheting really easier than knitting?

cottage girl said...

I think so. It's a much more fluid motion cause you only have one hook and not two needles.
Maybe you can be crafty this winter and crochet your BFF a scarf.

Katie's Story said...

Seriously! Free patterns for knitting and crochetin, A queque to organize them and remember them. A chat forum to help you out. Go there and be amazed!

Nick and Kaley said...

ironically I have a lot of granny squares- made for my by my... Granny.

Anonymous said...

Everyone should make one granny square afghan in their life! Use up all those old scraps of yarn. Previous generations were "green" and they didn't even know it was cool.-Mom