August 06, 2009

Help needed...

So, I finished Ender's Game this week. Got sucked in and sat for an hour speed reading to finish it before I had to be on the beach. While it won't be among my most beloved books of all time, I really enjoyed it! The sci-fi nerd in me was in spaceship heaven.
Now, that I'm finished and closed the cover, I'm craving more. My question is for any of you that may have read the series already (SO excited there are more!). Should I read them in the order they were written or in chronological order? I've heard that the author says it really doesn't matter. Should I finish out the Game series or jump into the Shadow series? Are there some books I can skip and read later and some that I MUST read now?

Ok, that's enough book nerd speak. If you've never read it, I DO recommend it (as The Bro did to me). So creative and imaginative. There is something about spaceships and aliens that makes me positively giddy inside.


Rob said...

Kirsten (the resident sci-fi fanatic) says:

"Start with the shadow series, then read Ender in Exile (the new one), then go back and finish the Ender series. It should make more sense that way."

She says all of this with a straight face and very serious tone, so I would take her word for it.

Anonymous said...

Oh, so is that the best order? I was just going to read Speaker for the Dead next. Hm... Let me know what you end up doing sis, although it might be a while before I get to it. I just ordered the first collection of Philip K. Dick short stories which I'm quite excited about. Sci-fi for the win!

Anonymous said...

i'd read it in order written.
the first three are better written/easier to read (at least to me).
for me the later ones i never got thru.

other books
- lost boys by him is also good but not scifi

-the long walk by stephen king originally done under an alternate name is amazing! must read!

-toxic assets

cottage girl said...

Thanks everyone!

Rob, tell your wife from one Battlestar loving girl to another...her opinion will ALWAYS be held in high esteem. We sci-fi girls have to stick together. ps...we should get together! I actually have time now that camp is over.