November 24, 2005

Photos of Scotland

This is Loch Ness (home of Nessie and no we didn't see him). As you can see, the weather was bad on this tour. It was very foggy and cloudy. It covered most of the mountains that were in the highlands. The Highlands of Scotland are a hikers paradise! I would love to come back again in the summer when the mountain sides are covered in purple heather. The tour we took was really bad compared to the one we took to Loch Lomand and William Wallace land. But, we did get to see it!
This is Loch Lomond. It was literally breaktaking. Even these pictures don't due it justice. I couldn't stop taking pictures, and yet I wish I had time to just sit and enjoy it more than I did. The water was so calm that night. Our tour guide said it was one of the most perfect weather days she had ever seen. I agree!
This is outside our hostel. See how all the buildings are in stone. This a 1% taste of what it was like. The castle is just behind them up on a huge rocky hill.

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