April 13, 2010

april 13th

How amazing that I'm born in the most beautiful month of year. Or at least where I live. The trees have their brilliant, brand new green leaves out for all to see. The blossoms are showing off in waves of pink and purple and white. The grass is that vibrant green that is almost shocking after a winter of brown. The birds...oh, those birds. They are ha-ppy. And the are singing for all the world to hear. It's spring in its finest. And I love every minute of it (even if it's gray and cold here today).

On the agenda for today, the day of my birth...

hair cut
art journaling (so, so excited to get started on this class!)
Glee with my friends tonight
maybe a little shopping
reveling in all the sweet wishes and kind words via facebook and text
thanking Jesus for another year of life


Cottage Girl

ps...thanks so much Aunt C for the absolutely beautiful banner. I opened it this morning and immediately put it up! I'll take a photo as soon as the sun comes out. I love it!!


Filia Dei said...

Happy happy birthday Cottage Girl.

Gina said...

Oh happy birthday dear April. Maybe one day you will allow a proper celebration so i can join in.
Hope you had a gleeful birthday!!!