April 14, 2010

City lights and spring cleaning

This photo has nothing to do with the subject at hand. I just though it was pretty. NYC: The Apple Store on 5th and the Plaza in the background. This was taken the night before the ipad came out. There were definitely people camped out and lined up just out of the frame.

Spring cleaning is upon me. Both on the outside and the inside of The Cottage. That deep, get behind the furniture, in the cracks type of cleaning. It is such a pain and yet so freeing at the same time, right?!

Tonight, it spread to the outside of The Cottage. The flower beds and small shrubs were shown no mercy. Bushes mis-shapen by the 20ft of snow this winter...gone. Sea grass that grows out of control and takes over everything....gone. My roommate and I conquered those silly nuisances.

Yes....it feels good. Now if we can just get rid of these ants once and for all, life would be great!

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Filia Dei said...


You can get ant granules. They are for fire ants but the work for the south county black ants too. You pour it around the foundation of the house. The whole way around. The ants eat that stuff and stop coming in your house. We did terro inside and ant granules outside.