April 10, 2010

Artist corner

I still have a bunch of photos from my first trip to NYC 2 weeks ago that I haven't shared. I keep forgetting and then I run out of time and it's 11pm and I'm sleepy and not in the mood to proof a handful of photos. So sorry about that.

Enough of that nonsense....here are a few photos of a piece that I LOVED at the MoMA. There were lots of pieces that were neat, but this one made it into my top 5 of the day (not including Tim Burton cause that was in a league of its own). Take a look....

It takes a minute of staring to figure out what it is. It's HUGE. I would say somewhere around 8ft by 5ft or bigger. There were several people standing up close staring, so I did the same because I was so intrigued.

This is the plaque next to it...

Once I got closer to stare for a while, I was hooked. It was tiny frames of the ENTIRE movie Vertigo with Jimmy Stewart. Kinda cool, huh?

Here's a blurry photo of it close up. I was trying hard to be discreet hence the blurriness. I couldn't quite stand still enough to get it perfectly in focus.

But you get the idea. You can read more about it and the artist here.

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