April 19, 2010

new favorite

You're watching Parenthood, right?! I fell in love with it episode one. It's sweet and funny and heartwarming with well written characters. What more could you ask for?

My favorite (though it's really hard to pick one person) is Crosby (LOVE that name too). He's such a mess, but so adorable at the same time.

I saw Dax Shephard at Sundance. See...
Actually, The Bro and I were hoping to see his fiance, Kristen Bell, whom we both adore. She wasn't with him though. But after seeing Parenthood each week, I'm kinda loving Dax, too.

My only complaint with Parenthood is that it makes me desperately wish that my ENTIRE family lived close by. Then we could have dinners together and go to the community pool together and have brother/sister breakfasts together......sigh.....

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