April 20, 2010

(source and the first photo I ever fave'd on Flickr years ago)

It's 15 minutes before 11pm.

Time for bed.

I ran out of posting time for the following reasons:

  1. Grocery store trip.
  2. Spent way too long wondering around the grocery store looking for something.
  3. Never found object of search. Curses.
  4. Picked up my favorite sandwich from one of my favorite sandwich shops.
  5. Put various groceries away.
  6. Start The Young Victoria with my roommate while eating dinner.
  7. Pause The Young Victoria to figure out who "that guy who is playing Prince Albert" is.
  8. Go to computer.
  9. IMDB to the rescue per usual when faced with this Waterloo.
  10. Success. He is Mr. Wickam of Pride and Prejudice. Big sigh.
  11. Un-pause.
  12. Pause The Young Victoria to discuss the confusion of the royal family tree.
  13. Un-pause The Young Victoria to try and figure out the family tree.
  14. Pause again because confusion still abounds.
  15. Un-pause still not understanding but wanting to continue this great movie.
  16. Pause again, frustrated at own stupidity of the Royal family.
  17. Go back to computer and search royal family tree.
  18. Still can't figure out who is related to whom, but decide to...
  19. Un-pause movie and watch anyway because it's just so good.
  20. Pause again because a friend calls and asks to come over and watch Glee in 45 minutes.
  21. Only have gotten through 30 minutes of The Young Victoria in 1 1/2 hrs.
  22. Ask friend to come a little late so we can watch without commercials (thank you DVR)
  23. Un-pause and become completely and utterly enthralled with The Young Victoria.
  24. Movie ends (too quickly). Mystery still abounds with royal family tree.
  25. Watch Glee (good, but not great. Sorry, Madonna.)

Moral of the story...

The Young Victoria is superb, enthralling, beautiful and makes you feel mushy inside (in a good way). If you liked Bright Star, you'll LOVE The Young Victoria.

And re-taking British History 101 may be a good idea...


Nick and Kaley said...

I saw the commercial for Young Victoria today on tv and I thought "April will love this!" Just today. Then you blogged about it- funny!

RaCeQu said...

Ok 1 & 4 make me totally jealous! I wish we had a Whole Foods and PotBelly=( and I am with you on Glee being so so... too much Mo.

and now I, Negative Nancy, will end this comment=)