April 18, 2010

music talk


has been on repeat today as I make and write thank you notes. Haven't really been a Bon Iver fan, but this song was on Chuck a couple years ago, and it just stuck with me. The mellow drums and guitar.

On a completely different note:
Today, as we (the camp crew "on" for the weekend...or at least the girls) were cleaning up the kitchen, we decided to sing our favorite songs from Les Mis. "Castle on a Cloud" "On My Own" "Can You Hear the People Sing" "One Day More"

ps...if you have never seen this concert version of Les Mis, go out an rent it immediately. It's fantastic, incredible, chill-inducing. No one else can sing Jean Valjean's songs like Colm Wilkinson.

Les Mis...I can never think of that musical without thinking of my roommate from college. We took a photography class together our last semester. We would spend HOURS together in the dark room developing film. We shared equipment to save money, so that meant that we would just do all our developing together.
Anyway, one time we were sitting in one of the rooms with our film in the water/developer just waiting. I was taking a musical theater class as well that semester (my favorite class that I ever took at college). My roommate found out that I had never hear Les Miserables. Tragedy! She proceeded to sing the ENTIRE musical for me, explaining every character, their backstory and who was singing each song a why. Such a fun memory....


Caleb's Mom said...

I just heard that they are working on another revival of Les Mis to come out next year. It's supposed to be a bit different...not sure if I will like the new one or not because I feel like it's rather untouchable!

Anonymous said...

bon iver is awesome. 'for emma' is another good song of theirs.