September 05, 2010

end the summer

(fabulous backstage MM images by RS)

I've been away from the online world for most of the weekend. It's been good. Need that every once in a while 'cause it is so highly addicting for me.

Yesterday was spent at parties with family and friends. Then we had our annual Labor Day weekend fireworks show on our river. The guy/organization that puts them on likes doing them later in the year instead of on the 4th because the crowds are so horrid on our tiny peninsula when everyone tries to watch the same fireworks show. Traffic = nightmare on the 2 lane road that is the only way in and out.

I'm fine with that. 30 minutes of colors and explosions on a nice cool evening. Sitting on the pier. Chatting with friends. A ton of boat lights twinkling on the river.

Could there be a better way to end the summer?

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Allison Drew said...

I love that picture so much.