September 14, 2010

one month left

(sweet Shannan, the little one I sponsor)

There is only about 1 month left in the 100 sponsors in 100 days event at An Orphan's Wish. I'm so excited that 5, yes five, of you have stepped out to help these dear little ones. Thank you from the very bottom of my orphan loving heart. I know each and every one of your precious kiddos are saying thank you too.

If you still want to get in on the fun and sponsor a cutie of your own, click here. If you sign up before the 100 event is over, you can get a free AOW shirt to share the love with everyone around you. Plus, you'll get those heart melting reports about your sponsored kiddo full of photos that make you melt into a puddle and wish to high heavens you could reach through the screen and kiss that face. What precious treasures they are...

What are you waiting for?

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