September 22, 2010

hyperventilating inducing

I have claustrophobia. Have since I was little.
I hate tube slides at playgrounds, water parks and amusement parks.
I hate caves like the Injun Joe caves on Tom Sawyer's Island in Disney World.
Spelunking sound like absolute torture. Nothing could be worse.
I don't like being pinned down or held down so I can move.
Even typing about it makes me a little freaked out.

Cue Buried...

Yipes! It look so hyperventilating inducing that I just can't wait. Sweet.

ps...The Bro saw the premiere of Buried at Sundance in January. He also got to see the yummy Ryan Reynolds. Both were delightful in his opinion.


Allison Drew said...


Gina said...

at first, I thought you sadi "both were yummy, in his opinion." I was a bit concerned. I really ought to read your blog more slowly and carefully. geeesh.