September 19, 2010

(source and I totally love this outfit)

My mental capacities are not at a place where I can write a proper post at this time.

You see, if I were to tell you what was actually on my mind at this time you would either:

a. run away and never come back here again

b. think I was a lunatic

c. feel instantly tired from the overload of information

d. shake your head in disbelief while laughing

So, I shall return when I:

Step 1: finally sleep at night. All the way through the night.

Step 2: stop feeling sick about 20 minutes after I eat. Every time I eat.

Step 3: end the crazy over abundance of thoughts running through my head

Step 4: get rid of the chest pains that inevitably come when I'm stressed. Stupid MVP.

Not to worry. It shall pass as it always does. And the extra time spent with the Lord in prayer and in the Word (the only medicine that helps) is always a good thing. I honestly think the evil one is having a grand old time right now. He's messing with me, but he won't win. Heck no, he won't win. Cause my God is bigger! pastor came back from his 3 month sabbatical today and said exactly (Is. 30:15) what I needed to hear. My small group study, "get ready in the morning" podcast and quiet time scripture all "just so happened" to go together this week. "Just so happened...."

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