September 08, 2010


Random thoughts to go with this photo:

1. I miss my brother just as much as I did when he moved away 17 months ago. It doesn't get any easier.

2. Gossip Girl starts next week. Bring on the ridiculous story lines and Chuck Bass!

3. I really love tourist double decker bus tours. I've done this in so many cities that it's embarrassing...

4. I made Pioneer Woman Mocha Brownies. Oh. My. Dear. Goodness.

5. Sometimes I still can't believe I met PW.

6. I've had writer's block for a week now. It's driving me insane.


Allison Drew said...

1. Um, maybe this is inappropriate, but can we please talk about how your brother is way cute?!

2. I have been wanting to start Gossip Girl. In fact, I've wanted to watch it for years. Must find someone with season 1!

3. NYC double decker bus is a must.

4. I recently made her olive cheese bread, which sounds gross but was actually wonderful.

5. Jealous. So jealous.

6. Me too. My blogs have been so terrible lately. Or forever.

Kaley said...

Cute pic friend.

cottage girl said...


1. Not only is he cute, but he's hilariously funny, can fix any computer problem in the world, loves Jesus, works for freakin' Sundance, has impeccable taste in movies/TV/music and is a great cook (unlike me). Oh, and he's single. :)

2. Olive Cheese bread...yes, please. My roommate made it with artichokes for me cause I don't like olives. Divine...

3. Your blog is a delight. It's one of my faves!

Allison Drew said...

One question... Why is he not my boyfriend?

cottage girl said...

Indeed. Any girl would be blessed upon measure to catch this one.