September 21, 2010

tucked in bed

And now...

I have a cold. Yes, a lovely stuffy nose, scratchy throat, bubble head.


I just can't win.

So, I went home and got a hug from my mommy and daddy.

Now I just need someone to come and sing "soft kitty" to me, and let me stay tucked in bed all day instead of going to work.

Being sick when you are an adult is no fun.


Gina said...

Amen "girlfrand". Got the same thing and I need to get ready to celebrate Sammy's bday tonight and pack for NC. ICK!!!!!!!
Hope you're feeling better soon.

cottage girl said...

G: aren't you going to sing Soft Kitty to me? I think you may be my only friend that knows the words...and the hilariousness behind them.

ps...praying for a healing weekend physically and other wise.

Gina said...

OK, at first, I was like "that's a little strange April, but whatever." Then when you said you thought I would know it, I thought "why would she think that?" So I googled it. I should have just clicked on your link. Anyways, i was cracking up at this
HIS ACCENT for heaven's sake. Oh boy. It's coming back soon and you and I are due for some TV bonding.
And thanks for your wishes and prayers.