November 10, 2010

camera face

There are few things in life that can make me quite as happy as camera face.

My features are hidden.

My eyes are focused on things other than myself (except when I take self portraits, of course).

My creativity is sparking like crazy.

Light becomes magic and using it correctly becomes the most important thing on my plate.

I find myself holding my breath constantly in anticipation.

I get cross eyed from closing one eye tightly so I can filter out everything except what is in my viewfinder.

Here's to an exciting afternoon of camera face that is coming tomorrow.


ps...all that Hawaii talk yesterday made me pop in one of the few chick-flicks that I can watch over and over and over. I adore Adam Sandler. I think he's adorably funny.

When I miss Hawaii, I usually watch this or this. Then the Hawaii voices will quiet down for a little while.


Allison Drew said...

Look at your new blog header! I like it! Maybe I should change mine too... I think you have inspired me.

stephanie said...

i love the scenery in that movie! a woman in my bible study grew up in hawaii- mauii actually and we laughed to hear she wore a snow parka to school with shorts on days it got "cold" aka 70 degrees! ha!

cottage girl said...

If only that was all I had to wear on cold days....I'm totally jealous!